CHARLES ANENE: Chairman and CEO of Francilia Films was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Nigeria, West Africa. He has been an Actor and Screenwriter for twenty-five years, and now an author of his first adapted Novel, “Political Vendetta” from his original screenplay, “Vendetta”

Charles has had background roles in the movies: The Hunted, Head of State, National Treasure 2, Shooter, Evan Almighty, State of Play, Mrs. Winterbourne, and a body-double for Denzel Washington in the movie, The Preacher’s Wife.

TV shows: New York Undercover, The Wire, Hack, The West Wing, and a principal role on America’s Most Wanted. And finally another background work on NETFLIX hit, House of Cards, and HBO’s Veep.

Charles Anene attended Kean University in Union, New Jersey, H.B. Studio in New York and Freehold Theatre in Seattle, Washington. He has earned production certificates from the Hollywood Film Institute and from Tom Kane’s Film Production.

Charles Anene plans to release more novels, Produce movies and TV Shows


On the set of the movie, “THE HUNTED” with Actress Connie Nielsen searching for Aaron Hallam “Benicio Del Toro”.

On the set of the movie, “THE HUNTED” with Director, writer and Producer William Friedkin. ..etc.

Short brake with Actor John Finn on the set of the movie,”The Hunted”.

With Director, Writer and Producer, Spike Lee during Malcolm X movie premier.